best post-end-of-the-wold vessel

As you all have been probably wondered during the epic year of 2012 and trying to figure out what would be the best choice of  post-apocalyptic vessel to tackle the inconvenient event of doomsday. Since 2013 seems to turn out likewise the-year-when-whole-lots-of-crap-will-happen, in particular the Estonia most prominent stargazer Igor Mang have been recently predicted that forthcoming year of  Water Snake (well, lets say it again: w-a-t-e-r snake) will pass under the name of floods.  First signs of shit-storm will occur between 7.–15. February when Mercury, Mars and Neptune shall conceive the line up. But most important is that Neptune, the ruler of the seas has traveled during the year of 2012 along with his great and notorious storm-horses to the sign of Pisces where he will remain until 2025.

And now, back to our major question, which vessel would be the best choice for navigating around the post-Neptune-had-his-bad-temper-dowsen-down-to-helpless-earth?

Well, its a Kevin Costner TRIMARAN unquestionably. Shalom you monohull-suckers 🙂 🙂

nosedive for keelson

hahaaaa, here is some late Christmas special for all of you who has a keel under your buttocks,  eat your socks all  monohullers who have been trying to convince me that under “normal conditions” you will not nosedive one good old monohull 🙂 🙂 🙂